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If becoming a certified teacher is your dream, PIU Online is designed for you.  By joining with us, you’ll be helping fulfill our mission to see “every child taught by a caring, prepared, certified educator.”

  • You will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Education.
  • You will have a path to Teacher Certification.

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bachelor's degree?

Passionate, capable teachers are greatly needed throughout the United States and abroad. These educators shape and change lives on a daily basis. Are you ready to complete your bachelor’s degree and get certified to teach? Apply to the PIU Online bachelor’s degree program to begin your journey as an educator. Through our program, prospective teachers can earn an accredited degree online! Our advisory team will walk you through the program step-by-step to ensure success from start to finish.

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The path to a bachelor's degree and teacher certification takes
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It takes just minutes to apply. You’ll then schedule an online enrollment session to complete all your application requirements, credit transfers and financial aid requests.

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Earn credits for your work as an Instructional Assistant. Finish your bachelor's degree through our virtual classroom. You'll have all the support and educator preparation you will need to succeed.

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We guide you through the completion of all requirements to receive your Standard Teaching Certificate.


We measure success by the only metric that matters.
Lives changed, yours and the students you’ll serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PIU Online accredited?

PIU is nationally accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS).  TRACS is recognized by the US Department of Education as an approved accrediting agency. 

Does PIU Online offer financial aid?

PIU is approved to offer federal student aid. You will need to apply for financial aid through FAFSA, which is used to determine your eligibility for aid. Pacific Islands University’s FAFSA school code is 034383. 

How quickly can I finish my degree?

You will be able to speed up the completion of your degree depending on your effort, the number of courses you are able take, the number of credits you transfer and the number of credits you can earn while working as an Instructional Assistant. 

Do all my existing credits transfer to PIU Online?

We will do a thorough review of all your credits to maximize your transfer credits.  (Transfer Policy). 

You can transfer a maximum of 60 credits to PIU Online.

Are the courses self-paced?

All courses allow you to accelerate, but we do encourage you to complete each within a typical semester schedule.  We will nurture you through the process so you’ll be confident in your ability to succeed. 

What degree programs are available?

PIU Online is designed specifically for those wanting to become educators and offers a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Education.  This maximizes the federal funding available for the completion of your bachelor’s degree. 

How do I receive my teacher certification?

Once you enter your last semester of study, you will be able to complete the “Clinical” (aka “Student Teaching”) requirements for certification while working full-time as an instructional assistant.  Upon completion of the requirements of your State Education Agency, you will then receive your Standard Teacher Certification.

When can I start classes?

Classes start three times a year at the beginning of each semester (September, January and June).